Garnet is a stone of commitment, honesty, hope and faith. It is a protective energy stone, especially known for protection from evil, during travel, nightmares and from wounds. Garnet can be used to release bad karma, overcome crisis and trauma. Garnet is great for spiritual healing, to enhance intuition and inner strength. It is said to be stabilizing and it can bring order to internal or external chaos. Garnet is excellent for manifestation, to ground dreams in reality, bringing abundance and prosperity. It can also make clear what is one’s life purpose. Garnet is the stone to celebrate the second year of marriage! The color varies from red to very dark, almost black, red. It is connected to the Root Chakra (connection to earth, survival instincts, self-preservation) and to the Heart Chakra  (love, acceptance, forgiveness).
Affirmation: I am loyal to myself and others.

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