A lot of people are intimidated by meditation. They think it’s weird, to hard or time consuming. And that you have to be a certain way to be able to pull it off. Or that you are not spiritual or “deep” enough. But if you can sit down and if you can breath then you can meditate! Meditation is simple – but not easy. Just like with everything else you need to practice and you need to priorities to get it into your daily routine. Meditation doesn’t take time, it gives time. I have Guided Meditations that you can download as mp3 audio files and listen to whenever you want. You’ll find them in my web shop (just click on the links below).

Guided Meditation with focus on letting go and being more present. The meditation is about 15 minutes long, followed by 10 minutes meditation music for either a quit seated meditation or Savasana. Buy this meditation CLICK HERE.

Before you buy, listen to a sample of this meditation here: