Do you want to dive in deeper into your yoga practice, maybe break old habits and create new ones? Do you want to live more mindful, healthier and happier? Do you feel stuck or did you reach a plateau? I am here to help you and customize a program that works just for you. I will work with you no matter where you live, what your goals are or where you are on your journey. I have many different coaching programs to offer you. Contact me if you have any questions.

3Yoga Life Coach. This online program is all about living happy and healthy! It can be that extra boost you need if and when you feel stuck. You will dig deep into your physical as well as your mental practice. This coaching program includes yoga and yoga alignment, mindfulness, meditation, nutrition, living a yogic life style on and off the mat that is authentic for just you. We will connect through skype and e-mail contact.  READ MORE

yoga 2Private Yoga. No matter where you are on your yoga journey I will work with you. In a private session I will focus just on you and your needs. I will help you with alignment, work around any injuries and give you the proper modifications or workshop a sequence or a specific yoga pose. This class is just about you! I also offer private yoga to smaller groups.  READ MORE

img_5616Guided Meditation. I wanna help you get a daily meditation practice! It is not hard at all and I can promise you it will change your life, both on an off the mat. I want this gift to be available to everybody, no matter how much money you got. So therefor I am offering you two completely FREE guided meditations! Just sit down, close your eyes, press play and let the relaxation begin.  READ MORE

Mala Making Workshop. Do you and a few of your friends wanna learn how to make a mala? I will come to your house and teach a Mala Making Workshop. No previous experience of jewelry making or mala meditation needed. I will break it down for you and with easy to follow steps you will create your very own mala! I encourage you to bring some gemstones, pendant or charm that you want to incorporate in your mala to make it even more personal and special. I will also teach you how to use your mala in your meditation practice, the spiritual meaning of a mala, the meaning of the number 108, marker beads and the Guru Bead and different healing properties of gemstones. I will bring all the supplies, tools and knowledge to the table. Rate $35 per person (minimum: 5 people, max 10) + $20 supply fee. E-mail me today so we can set something up!

fullsizerender-26Personal Trainer & Diet Coach. Do you feel stuck? Feel like you reached a plateau or have zero inspiration or motivation? No matter where you live in the word, if you are a beginner or  a gym rat, I will be there for you every step of the way. I will support you, push you and make sure you reach your goals. You’ll get an individual training program and optimized diet program. Everything formulated so it fits your needs, your current life situation and your goals.  READ MORE 

anti-ageDiet Coach Program. To get the best results from your exercise it’s important that you eat right. If you are eating healthy you might still not give your body exactly what it needs. When you hire me to be your Diet Coach I will analyze your existing diet and set up a food plan and a nutrition program customized just for you. I am a vegan so if you are interested I can help you make that first step towards a greener and happier life!  READ MORE 

E-Courses. I offer E-Courses that you can take in the comfort of your own home. The De-Clutter Your Life E-Course will give you all the tools you need to get stated on you de-cluttering journey. In this information packed e-course I will give you concrete tips on how to start, where to start and why to start. I will present several different methods and approaches, so you can pick one that works for you. The course includes a 60-minute audio class with slides, a printable worksheet with checklists and home assignments, a printable full course transcript and my blog diary as a PDF from my first 30 Day Less Is More Challenge. On top of this you will also receive a 23 minutes De-Clutter Guided Meditation to help you let go and focus on what’s important. READ MORE

Do you have a question or want to get started with your coaching program? Just fill out the form and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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